Better Bakes by Green Outlook Customer Erika

We love hearing about our customers doing inspiring things in the area of sustainability! Erika contacted me in May to let me know about her vegan cupcake business based in Co. Kildare. She kindly sent me some cupcakes to try and they were devoured quite quickly. Read on to hear how Erika has influenced her family and friends to try more plant based foods.

Better Bakes Ireland is a 100% Plant Based Cupcake business based in Co.Kildare, with made to order cupcakes for all celebrations or even just a little treat. Sustainability and caring for the planet is a core aspect of the business and all packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable. Choosing vegan alternatives is an easy way to lower your carbon footprint. We strive to become as eco-friendly as possible.

BetterBakes Cupcakes Kildare

The business stemmed from myself (Erika Dunne) changing to a vegan diet and being shocked by the lack of sweets and treats (especially baked goods and personalised cupcakes/cakes) available outside of Dublin. We want to give the people of Kildare and the midlands the same availability! We also want to prove that plant based alternatives can be for everyone and there is no sacrifice on taste. 


On this amazing journey, I have introduced my family and friends to plant based options and they have actually been surprised at the lack of sacrifice it takes to simply choose alternatives like our cupcakes! There really is no compromise on taste and if anything, less guilt is felt whilst eating them.


“Ireland is changing for the better, more and more restaurants, supermarkets and businesses and offering plant based options which is amazing! However, it still isn’t country wide, and that’s what we set out to change!”

Once people realise and understand that ‘vegan’ doesn’t need to have a stigma attached to it then Ireland will truly be a better place. There is definitely a misconception that our cupcakes are made of spinach! When in reality the ingredients are the same as what you’d expect; flour, sugar, baking powder….along with a few secrets. At the end of the day, we promote progress rather than perfection. If you don’t feel you can be 100% plant based, then why not set out to eat less meat or switch to plant milks etc. Every little helps. I personally never saw myself becoming completely plant based, but I really fell down a rabbit hole and educated myself on the environmental, economical and health benefits.

If you want to get in touch, we are @betterbakesireland on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok!

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