I select the brands I work with carefully. I select suppliers and products based on their ethos, production process, packaging, location and ingredients so you know the products are high quality and ethically made.

  • I choose brands which share the same values as I do about protecting the natural environment and caring for our bodies.
  • I incorporate the plastic free ethos into the Supply Chain by requesting all suppliers use plastic free or reused packaging when sending orders to me. 
  • Supporting local Suppliers is really important at Green Outlook. I’m delighted to stock 23 Irish brands, supporting the Irish economy. Many of the products are handmade in Ireland. I hope to continue to expand the range of Irish sustainable products over time.

The brands I currently stock include:

  • &Sisters 
  • Badly Made Books (Irish)
  • Bambaw (Sourced in Ireland)
  • Bambooth (Irish)
  • Biork
  • Black & Blum (Sourced in Ireland)
  • Dublin Herbalists (Irish)
  • Ecostraws (Irish)
  • EcoVibe
  • Emma’s So Natural Candles (Irish)
  • Hanna’s Bee wraps (Irish)
  • Hawthorn Natural Skincare (Irish)
  • Hilary Glynn (Irish)
  • Hydrophil (Sourced in Ireland)
  • If You Care (Sourced in Ireland)
  • Imse Vimse (Sourced in Ireland)
  • Ireland’s Eye (Irish)
  • Janni (Irish)
  • Keep Cup (Sourced in Ireland)
  • Lavinia
Pictured: Elaine Kennedy of Hawthorn Handmade Skincare, Available at Green Outlook
Sinead O’Brien of Mungo Murphy’s, Seaweed Bath and Seaweed Face Mask Available at Green Outlook
Irish Business
  • Manly Stuff (Irish)
  • Moo Hair
  • Mungo Murphy’s (Irish)
  • Naiked (Sourced in Ireland)
  • Narcissips (Irish)
  • Oranicules (Irish)
  • OrganiCup
  • Oxmantown Skincare (Irish)
  • Roza Natural Cosmetics (Irish)
  • Ruth’s Palm Free (Irish)
  • Sea Remedies (Irish)
  • Soap Out Loud (Irish)
  • Sophie’s Soaps (Irish)
  • The Soap Room (Irish)
  • Three Hills Soap (Irish)
  • Tio (Sourced in Ireland)
  • Upcircle  
  • Warrior Botanicals (Irish)
  • Zero Waste Club
 If you know of any sustainable, eco friendly, plastic free product or brand that I could be interested in, let me know at
Sustainable Irish Business