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Choosing a Shampoo Bar at Green Outlook


Choosing a Shampoo Bar at Green Outlook

Shampoo Bar in Palm of Hand

There are 13 shampoo bars and 4 conditioner bars available at Green Outlook so there’s plenty of choice to suit all hair types and preferences.

One element of choice that people take into consideration when choosing a Shampoo Bar is the smell. Many love a strongly scented shampoo bar while some prefer a very mild scent. Luckily the solid shampoo range available at Green Outlook covers this for every hair type.

For those who prefer Strongly Scented Shampoos I recommend the Three Hills Soap shampoo bar range.
The bars are suitable for all hair types. I’ve linked below bars recommended for certain hair types:
Oily Hair
Anti Dandruff
Hair Growth
All Hair Types (Sweet Smell) / All Hair Types (Amla & Marjoram Smell)

For those who like a scent but not too strong then you should look to the Janni Bars range. Recommendations below, but all bars are suitable for all hair types.
Normal-Dry/Tired Frizzy Hair
Problematic Scalp and Curly HairNew Formula with no scent
Dry, Curly or Coarse Hair
All Hair Types  / For Volume

Shampoo and Body Soap in One

While those who prefer a very mild to no scent then the Soap Out Loud range is your best bet.
Oily Hair
Dry/Curly Hair
Normal Hair

What do all the shampoo bars available have in common?
No plastic Packaging
Made in Ireland
Natural Ingredients: No SLS, No Parabens
No transition period
No stickiness or residue
Result: Shiny, healthy and happy hair!

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