Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

On the 26th February I attended a highly engaging briefing on CSR facilitated by Brian Murphy at Chartered Accountants Ireland. The panel included: Melissa Scully-Deloitte, Maureen O’Donnel-Advisor Business in the Community, Gervaise Slowey-Non Exec Ulster Bank and Tony McCluskey-FD Kenmare Resources plc. The importance of social responsibility has never been more prominent, this was evident at this well attended and engaging event. If your company is struggling to keep up with it’s CSR plans then the following may help set the context to move forward.

Key takeaways:

  • CSR, Sustainability and their subsequent reporting is a complex and evolving area.
  • Companies need to perform a materiality assessment applicable to their business activities and their stakeholders and define their social purpose.
  • CSR and Sustainability programmes must be Board and Management driven with the understanding that cultural change takes time.
  • The investment community is becoming more attune to businesses practical application of CSR.
  • Avoid Greenwashing and be authentic.
  • There are many reporting frameworks to reference (GRI, SASB), with the UN Sustainable Development Goals forming a good basis to start.
  • Sustainability is a long term commitment that will provide competitive advantage.
  • CSR and sustainability provide a platform for growth for good.
  • Get engaged and track progress.

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