Honest Menstrual Cup Review

Small but significant – my period cup journey

Green Outlook is delighted to introduce 2021 An Taisce Climate Ambassador Egle Karpaviciute to share her experience of switching to a more sustainable period product – her menstrual cup. 

Egle shares her story on what initially drew her to make such a change, what to expect from such a transition, the information available to new users, and her overall opinion on this eco-friendly, body friendly, period product. Read on to enjoy her honest and insightful journey with her sustainable period cup.
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Inspiration to try new menstrual products

There are two types of women who have tried a period cup: those who have had poor experiences and others who have fallen in love with it. I am the latter. Sometime around 2018, zero waste culture became a mainstream trend in the West. It was everywhere – from Netflix documentaries to your local café moving to steel straws. As an already eco conscious person, I delved deeply into it. Having revised numerous areas of my life, from the bathroom to the way I did my grocery shopping, I found myself living a nearly plastic free life… except for when it came to periods.

My period cup adventure began in spring of 2019. I was getting ready for a year long trip around the globe and a one-way ticket to Vietnam was booked. I realised that I may not be able to buy organic cotton pads during the trip. The image of carrying a year’s worth of menstrual protection in my backpack did not seem appealing. I was also aware that clean water or washing machines are true luxuries whilst travelling on a budget. Therefore, I had to count on alternatives like reusable pads or panties. Change was inevitable!

Why choose a menstrual cup?

So began my personal period revolution. Heaps of research lead me to buying the perfect cup. Straight away I could not believe how unintimidating the whole process was, nor could I stop raging about how I wish I had gotten the cup earlier. It was absolutely life changing. I welcomed every uterus owner with a ‘why haven’t you told me about it!? – just to hear that they did, yet I was not listening. Having previously used pads whist menstruating, I found the concept of a chemical infused piece of cotton such as a conventional tampon far from exciting. Period cups were a whole different level of alien intervention. A non-toxic, waste free, cheap alternative to standard period products and something that works even for a heavy flow! It seemed too good to be true, as well as immensely scary.

Advantages of using a menstrual cup

The pros are more than clear. A period cup is both eco and wallet friendly. When used correctly, it is healthier than using regular period protection as there are several health implications linked to using pads and tampons. I am not a biologist, or a gynecologist so will not discuss these further. I do however have some honest advice from a fellow female. Firstly, choosing the right cup is truly important and learning how to use it properly is crucial. So many women I know have not invested the time and research into learning how to use their cup – which resulted in many disappointments and eventually even giving up. The internet is a useful tool. There is so much great information out there! You will find out how to choose the right size, shape and softness/ firmness depending on your cervix, flow, age, and many other factors.

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Menstrual cup advice 

The last thing to keep in mind is that the learning part is immeasurable and constant whilst becoming a happy period cup user. What fold works best for me? What’s the best way in? How do I get it to open? How often do I have to empty it? HOW DO I TAKE IT OUT!? Many questions will pop up, all to be answered only by patience, persistence, and constant practice. My greatest advice is to double up on period proof underwear or reusable pads whilst learning how to use a cup. A messy start may put you off from something that is worth trying! Lastly, have fun with it. After all, it’s a big positive step in one’s personal sustainability growth. You should be proud of yourself for it!

Thanks again to Egle for sharing her menstrual cup experience! If you would like to contribute to the Green Outlook blog with your sustainable story, please email your blog idea to fiona@greenoutlook.ie For more information on sustainable period products at Green Outlook you can watch the below short YouTube video by Green Outlook’s Founder Fiona.

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