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How to celebrate a Sustainable Valentine’s day


How to celebrate a Sustainable Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is not too far away! And I’m here to help you keep it waste free with the ones you love!
I’ve been with my partner 10 years this year so we’ve had a good few Valentines and a variety of ways of celebrating this day of luuurve.
One particular Valentines eve I panic bought boxing gloves and boxing pads in Argos. I’m not sure what message I was trying to send to the poor fella. 
Thankfully we’ve moved well passed the cringey presents but it is still nice to get flowers, chocolates or celebrate your relationship or friendships even if you’re trying to live more sustainably. 
What can you do to keep the 14th as sustainable as possible (start dropping those hints):

  • Avoid the imported flowers in plastic packaging and choose a potted planet which will double by filtering the air in your house.
  • Don’t leave it to Hallmark this year, take out your pen and write a love letter on some reused paper. Get creative! It’s fun, can act as mindfulness and your other half will be bowled over by your efforts.
  • Make your bestie their favourite breakfast from scratch.
  • Organise to cook dinner together, check out your local green grocer and butcher to keep it as local as possible.
  • Opt for experiences – we’ll be heading to Galway, checking out the coffee and food, pottering around and spending some quality time together in this fast paced world. Grab your friends or other half and book a staycation or activity.
  • Love starts with loving yourself. Practice self-care, have a nice shower with a lovely smelling soap bar, slap on that body moisturiser you’ve been waiting to use.
  • Do nothing. Yep just chill out. Don’t feel pressured by marketing ploys to buy things you don’t need or don’t want.

If you do want to buy your loved one a plastic free, sustainable Valentine’s day gift or treat yourself, check out the range of zero waste products at Green Outlook here.


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