How To Support Your Local Business

It’s a difficult time for many from a financial perspective but where possible we must continue to support Irish businesses. The Small and Medium Enterprise sector is the backbone of the Irish Economy and employs over 1 million people. If we can continue to support these local businesses we will come out of this in a much better position. If money is an issue don’t worry there is plenty you can do, see below how liking and commenting on social media posts is worth its weight in gold. 

Monetary ways to support
-Shop local from small retailers.
-Buy vouchers from closed shops, salons, cafes.

Non-Monetary ways to support
-Share social media posts
-Like social media posts
-Comment (long comments, not just emojis) on social media posts
-Drop them a message of support

It looks like social media will be the only way some businesses will be able to reach their customers for the next while. Many social media applications including Instagram and Facebook use algorithms to create a curated feed for its users. What that means: The more interaction a page gets, the higher the social media app will rank that content and the relevant page (i.e. if a picture gets more likes or comments it will get shown to more people on the app). Thus highly rated content is shown more to people.

Right now small businesses need their content to be seen. Your local gift store doesn’t have anyone walking past it’s shop window. Social media is it’s only shop window now. If you see a picture posted by a small business, give it a like or comment. It means the world right now. Think of it like calling in to their shop and saying hi and then telling a friend, just in a digital manner!

The Green Outlook online shop is continuing to operate as normal allowing you to shop from the safety of your home. All markets and events are cancelled so your support online is greatly appreciated. The discounted €3 postage remains in place. An Post will not be requiring customer signatures on delivery, instead they will sign on your behalf from a safe distance. If you or a member of your family has Covid19 symptoms consider placing a note at the door with a designated drop off point for any parcel deliveries.
I am working to source more hand balms and nail brushes and these will be back in stock next week. There is plenty of soap online, with more ordered. If you need anything over the next few weeks, that you think I can assist with, please let me know.