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Minimising Food Waste with Mary of Beara Bitters


Minimising Food Waste with Mary of Beara Bitters

Dried Fruit Cocktails

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I think we all grew up in houses where we were nagged if we did not clean our plates. The same was said if we peeled and chopped vegetables badly. Our parents and older generations were mindful of food waste. Behind these words are a lot of truth though, needless food waste is expensive. There’s the financial cost of food waste as well as the negative carbon footprint of throwing away usable food. David Attenborough is right, buy what you want, but make sure to use it!

Salad, Fruits, Berries, Healthy

During Covid-19 there are two competing pressures on us, we have to do large shopping trips in order to minimise our time among others, so we have unusually large amounts of groceries to pack away and eventually cook. On the other hand, a lot of us have time to experiment with recipies and play around with unusual ways to cook and create meals.

Personally, I like to dry ingredients, or do meal prep and freeze the excess. For people looking to experiment, these are a few resources that are handy to look up, if you have the time, there are many many more…

The main thing is to remember that every ingredient or food item has more than one way to use it, and if you google recipes/usages, you will always find a list of simple things to extend the usefulness of food. Experimentation in preparing food is key, and removing fear of failure is good, don’t be afraid to have fun to suit your taste buds.

Dried Fruits for Cocktail Garnishes

I tend to like to make food that feels like a treat for me, so I make garnishes for cocktails from dried fruit, and make meals and snacks that I cannot buy in shops. So leftover wine makes red wine granita, spare sourdough starter from when it is not ready to bake with, is made into pancakes. I tend to find what is edible in my garden and see what it works well with. This spring has included dandelion leaf salads, cherry blossom syrups and jams, gorse wine and gorse ice-cream, homemade breads and granola.

Dried Fruit Cocktails

I like experimenting enough that I have started my own business showcasing flavours. Beara Bitters is a cocktail bitters business, dedicated to showcasing the best in Irish and international ingredients in cocktails. I believe constraint drives innovation, this is true in design, engineering, and food! Having to make do with what you have, drives you to perfect recipies, and the resulting flavours are often out of this world!

Working with Fiona of, I have been impressed with her commitment to sustainability and local green businesses. She consistently tries to showcase Irish brands and brands that make a real commitment to sustainability.

Mary O’ Sullivan is the Founder of Beara Bitters, an Irish cocktail bitters company. For more on ‘What are cocktail Bitters’ check Mary’s website and Instagram.

Today an estimated one third of food is wasted globally. Food waste in landfill produces Methane gas, a greenhouse gas. For more on how to prevent foodwaste check this Irish Food Waste website

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