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Plastic Waste in The Oceans and on our Beaches


Plastic Waste in The Oceans and on our Beaches

Plastic Waste at the Beach

Between 4 and 12 million tonnes of plastic enters the Oceans every year.  It gets blown in from overflowing bins, it makes it’s way from streams or drains from littering and it washes out through our household drains. Plus tonnes of fishing line gets lost or dumped at sea every year.

When we walked the beach this summer in Kerry the plastic pollution that had washed in and tangled itself in seaweed was very evident. It included yoghurt pots, plastic cutlery, kinder egg toy, brush handle, bottle caps, straws, menstrual products, fishing line and more random pieces.

When plastic enters the oceans it breaks down and so these were the very visible evidence of plastic pollution but there is so much more micro plastic pieces that we just can’t see. They are floating around, releasing harmful chemicals into the water. Fish often mistake plastics in the ocean for food and so these tiny micro plastics are making their way into the human food chain.

“If the current trend continues, there could be more plastic than fish (by weight) in the ocean by 2050” – Ellen MacArthur Foundation

We can’t tackle the global plastics problem but what we can do is manage our own plastic usage.
– Use plastic free alternatives in your home.
– Avoid single use plastics where possible.
– Dispose of plastic waste correctly.
– Pick up some pieces of litter when you’re out.

Green Outlook sells a range of plastic free, sustainable alternatives. Our packaging is plastic free for the conscious consumer.

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