Kids Bamboo toothbrush - Soft Aqua - bambooth

bambooth is a sustainable alternative to a plastic toothbrush – Making small changes together, we can have a big impact.

  • Children’s Soft Toothbrush
  • The World’s first Bamboo toothbrush approved by the Oral Health Foundation, one of the World’s leading independent oral health charities.
  • 100% Biodegradable Handle – bambooth’s handle is made from 100% biodegradable moso bamboo. The world’s fastest-growing renewable resource, growing up to 1 metre a day!
  • Bamboo is CO2-neutral and produces more oxygen than trees. After taking only 3-5 years to become a mature forest, annual harvest of mature stems does not harm the mother plant.
  • bambooth uses BPA-free, nylon bristles giving the best clean while getting rid of as much plastic as possible.
  • Bamboo, a natural organically-grown grass – has natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-fungal properties.
  • bambooth uses 100% plastic free recyclable packing. The packaging can also be used as a handy travel case.
  • Bambino Children Soft toothbrush

Each of the four bambooth toothbrushes are linked to conservation projects aimed at habitat protection so that a proportion of net sales for each brush is donated to a specified conservation effort. The four partnered charities are Plastic Oceans (Sea Blue brush), The Marine Conservation Society (Aqua Marine brush), Coral Reef Alliance (Coral Pink brush) and The Jane Goodall Institute (Forest Green brush)


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How to dispose: bambooth’s handle will biodegrade and return to the earth within 6 months if placed in a private or commercial composting bin. Please remove the bristles before placing it in the compost by snapping off the head or using a pliers to pull the bristles out. The bristles can be recycled as plastics at a local amenity centre. If you throw your bambooth into the regular bin, the handle will also biodegrade in landfill over time.

Made in China, close to bamboo sources.

About bambooth:

The patented bambooth biodegradable tooth brush was designed by Joe, one half of the Irish duo behind the bambooth brand. Niamh and Joe from Ashbourne in County Meath are both passionate about the environment and after a realisation by Niamh that a toothbrush handle didn’t have to be plastic wood worker Joe set about hand carving the first bambooth handle. Both Niamh and Joe live in London and are dedicated to protecting nature and inspiring others in joining them in choosing earth-friendly sustainable alternatives.

bambooth : “Join us in this mission. Whether you like to run, swim in the ocean, walk your dog in the park or explore the earth’s wilderness…give the ‘booth to plastic’! A small change multiplied by the millions, will have a huge impact. And this is only the start.”

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