Naked Shave Razor (Blue)

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Naked Shave Razor handle and blade

Say goodbye to disposable plastic razors and hello to a long lasting, plastic free shaving experience.

The Naked Shave razor includes a traditional unisex razor and a pack of 5 blades.

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The Naked Shave Razor

Say goodbye to disposable plastic razors and hello to a long lasting, plastic free shaving experience.

The Naked Shave razor includes a traditional unisex razor and a pack of 5 blades.

This razor has a super cool ocean blue handle. Dreamy


Quality Razor

Feeling daunted by this traditional looking razor, fear not I’ve tried and tested it with great results.

Simply screw the blade in place and you’re ready to go. Soap up, wet the blade and let the blade glide along your skin, giving you a close and smooth shave. The weight of the razor and quality of the blade means minimum pressure is required making for a super easy shave.

Sick of throwing pricey plastic razors in the bin. With this reusable shaving option you only need to change the blades once you feel they have dulled. Best bit as the blades are made from platinum they are recyclable.

To ensure the long life of your razor ensure if using the razor in the shower to place the razor somewhere to dry out between uses.


The best blades

The Naked Shave kit comes with a 5 pack of double edge blades which fit perfectly in your razor.


5 reviews for Naked Shave Razor (Blue)

  1. Niamh Murtagh (verified owner)

    I love this! I was a bit weary at the start because I’d only used disposable razors before but I’m so glad I switched. You don’t need to apply any pressure because the razor is nice and heavy, and the shave is way better than than disposable ones even though it’s one blade. I’ve often cut my legs shaving with disposables but nothing yet with this. The best bit is I don’t have to feel bad about binning razors all the time now!

    • Green Outlook

      Super Niamh! Glad to hear you were happy with this switch! Thanks for taking the time to review. Fiona

  2. angelakettle-2036 (verified owner)

    I love my new razor. I bought my son the Naked shave kit and I used it to see if it was something I would be happy to use. I loved it so much that I bought myself one. Plastic razors always seemed to scrape my legs and it was such a waste throwing them away after a couple of uses. This razor glides over my skin and it definitely gives a much better shave. If you are trying to decide whether or not to buy one, I’d say go for it. It’s easy to use and makes you feel good about less waste.

    • Green Outlook

      Fab! Glad the whole family is finding something they can change at Green Outlook. Thanks for the glowing review of the razor! Fiona

  3. Denise Carroll (verified owner)

    So happy I switched from disposable razor to this. Better for my legs, environment and conscience! Looks super stylish and solid grip due to handle design and weight of area where the blade is. Super easy to assemble and easy to use too. No need to apply pressure, just let natural weight of razor do the work. Great that this already comes with 5 blades in the pack!

    • Green Outlook

      Hi Denise, Thanks for your review! The razor is a great swap for the environment and as you said provides an amazing shave! Enjoy Fiona

  4. Denise Carroll (verified owner)

    Forgot to add star rating to last review – would give this 5*

  5. Mary Conway (verified owner)

    Best shave of my life. Totally converted. Highly recommend switching to the safety razor.

    • Green Outlook

      Woo! Well if that’s not an amazing review I don’t know what is! Thank you! Fiona

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