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Matte Black Safety Razor

This Matte Black Safety Razor is the ultimate Double Edged Safety Razor -Long Handle, High Quality and the perfect way to reduce plastic in your shaving routine. This stunning safety razor, provides a silky smooth shave with minimum fuss.

A safety razor is the perfect way to reduce ingrown hairs, shaving irritation and provides a much smoother, more affordable shave.

  • 95g
  • Knurled Matt Black Handle
  • Provides a very close shave
  • 5mm Diameter
  • 101mm Length “
  • Made from Stainless steel
  • Sourced from an Irish business
  • Comes with 5 Blades
  • Purchase additional blades here

How to assemble: Unscrew the handle from the two-part head and insert blade. Reattach securely. Take note of initial assembly to ensure it is reassembled correctly. Dispose of blades carefully (recycle at local amenity centre).

How to use: Moisten the shaving area, using a shaving soap, oil or gel. Hold the razor at a shallow angle to the skin. Do not apply pressure when using – hold the handle gently and let the weight of the razor head glide over your skin.

Make sure to dry the razor after use using a towel.

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Razor is made from Stainless Steel.

After decades of good use, you can simply recycle the razor at your local amenity centre.

Packaging: Carboard box.

How to recycle blades:

  1. Store all used blades in a metal tin or can
  2. When full, seal the top of the tin or can with a plyers
  3. Write on the outside of the win with a marker “Razor Blades”
  4. Place in your household recycling bin. Please check with your waste management company.

Alternatively check with your local amenity centre.

About Manly Stuff

Founded by SeΓ‘n in 2015. Manly Stuff is an Irish business. SeΓ‘n got tired of buying expensive disposable cartridge razors in supermarket, he stumbled upon the traditional Safety Razor and set about sourcing his own.


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