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Solid Conditioner – Three Hills Soap

  • Handcrafted  in the heart of Dublin
  • Solid conditioner bar fits in the palm of your hand.
  • It comes in a 100% recyclable/biodegradable/compostable packaging.
  • It doesn’t take any space in your bathroom/ gym bag/ travel bag.
  • It works perfectly on all hair types.
  • No more plastic bottles needed
  • Gently fragranced with lemon, lime and tea tree oil
  • Suitable for both men and women


In stock


How to Use Solid Shampoo:

  • After rinsing out your shampoo. Stroke the solid conditioner down the ends of your hair and let it sink in for a few minutes. I use this time to detangle any knots. Remember a little goes a long way as it is super concentrated.
  • Rinse out and style as normal.
  • Please do not allow the conditioner to sit in water between uses. Store in a dry place, ideally in a soap dish


  • Does not contain any Silicones, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Artificial Colours or Fragrances, Harsh Chemicals, Parabens, Detergents (SLS/SLES)


Active Ingredients:

  • BTMS – 50 is a gentle emulsifying and conditioning agent. It leaves skin feeling silky smooth, it conditions hair and makes the hair easier to comb
  • Cetearyl Alcohol is a fatty alcohol and is used as an emulsion stabiliser. It imparts a smooth, velvety feel to the skin. It leaves skin feeling moisturised, conditioned and soft
  • Shea Butter is a particularly effective moisturiser because it contains so many fatty acids, which are needed to retain skin moisture and elasticity, so it eliminates tangles and deeply conditions your hair
  • Apricot Kernel Oil has excellent nourishing effects, it’s a wonderful emollient that makes hair and scalp softer and more pliable as it’s quickly absorbed. It’s a powerful antioxidant too
  • D Panthenol improves hair quality, increases shine to hair and reduces a hair breakage as it coats the hair and seals its surface, lubricating the hair shaft and making strands appear shiny. It increases the resistance to external influences such as blow-drying, ironing and hair dyeing
  • Lemon Oil helps stimulate circulation in the scalp for increased hair growth
  • Lime Essential Oil can greatly help improve the life of your hair as it makes it more radiant and glowing
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil helps to unclog hair follicles and nourish the roots, at the same time, this oil can also control excess oil produced in the scalp that can block hair follicles


  • Packaging: Glassine bag (100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable) which is fastened with a seal made from cellulose (fully biodegradable and compostable)
  • Conditioner Bar Weight: 20g
  • Cruelty free, made in Ireland


3.6/5 (14 Reviews)

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shampoo & tin, refill

13 reviews for Solid Conditioner – Three Hills Soap

  1. Rachel Maloney (verified owner)

    Lovely product! Recommend wetting bar and rubbing it directly onto we hair! Leaves my hair soft but not weighed down as some conditioners do. One bar lasts ages!

    • Green Outlook

      Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for the review! Fiona 😀

  2. angelakettle-2036 (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with my conditioner bar. I was wary at first because I have thick wavy hair but this combined with the Orange Peel & Ylang Ylang shampoo bar have left my hair feeling great. It’s a small bar but it’s well worth the price and it looks like it’s going to last me for ages.

    • Green Outlook

      One of my favourite products too! Not to be underestimated for sure! Thanks Fiona

  3. Ruth Cox (verified owner)

    Conditioner is a nice size, lasts ages and smells really good but I don’t think I’d repurchase it before trying others first. Works best if rubbed directly into the hair. I don’t have dry hair and it works fine for me. It doesn’t weigh the hair down but it also doesn’t leave a smooth conditioned feeling. My boyfriend has long hair with dry ends and it does little much for his hair at all.

  4. Deirdre Newell (verified owner)

    After years of trying all sorts this is the first solid conditioner I found that works! It’s also a really good shape to use. I just run into the ends of my hair when it’s already wet and straight away you can feel it soak in and detangle.

    • Green Outlook

      Thanks for the great review! Fiona

  5. Ruth McAlerney (verified owner)

    This is lovely, I’ve purchased it again since. It leaves my hair less frizzy than bottle conditioner. Took a few goes to get the hang of using, the shape is perfect for use. I do find it doesn’t seem to last me as long as my sisters one, and I’m careful to take it out of the shower between uses, but maybe I’m not as careful as I think I’m being as it def seems smaller every time I go to use it (ie need to keep it dry between use)! Haven’t actually noted how long it lasts but must do that

    • Green Outlook

      Thanks for the review Ruth! A little goes a long way with this bar for sure!

  6. odluma4 (verified owner)

    So in love with this conditioner. Have been using regularly for six weeks now and there was no ill-effect from swapping from my standard conditioner. Hair is lighter and lovely. Bar seems to last for ages and I’ll definitely be stocking up again in the future.

    Tip: I keep it in a tin and after I use it, I leave the tin open until the bar has dried before throwing it back in my gym bag 🙂

    • Green Outlook

      Thanks so much for your feedback and comment! Delighted you were happy with your purchase! Fiona

  7. Mary Conway (verified owner)

    In love with this conditioning bar. The scent is divine and my hair looks and feels great after each use. Lasts for ages also. Star buy!

    • Green Outlook

      This is a firm favourite and a best seller at Green Outlook! Glad you love it! Thanks! Fiona

  8. Nessa Soffe (verified owner)

    I’m delighted with this conditioner bar. The scent is nice, not too strong. I have normal – oily hair. It leaves my hair really smooth afterwards.

    • Green Outlook

      Hi Nessa, Thanks for your review! Fiona

  9. Hilary Cahill (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic conditioner, for a little thing it delivers a great result. It leaves my hair super silky and doesn’t leave it weighed down. I would definitely recommend this but make sure to keep it somewhere dry between uses!

    • Green Outlook

      Hi Hilary, Thanks so much for your review! Yes definitely particularly if you share a shower, best to take it out of the shower between uses. Fiona

  10. fionalynch88 (verified owner)

    Such a gorgeous product – I used it in combination with the Orange Peel & Ylang Ylang Solid Shampoo – my first time using a solid product and I’m converted! My hair was left soft and smelling fantastic, no residue, and beautifully shiny.

    • Green Outlook

      Hi Fiona, Thank you for your review! Fiona

  11. sineadmg16 (verified owner)

    Love this product. It leaves my hair feeling soft and light. It doesn’t tangle my hair either. Don’t be fooled by its size though, as it works amazing.

    • Green Outlook

      Thanks Sinead! Totally agree it lasts ages and is very powerful. Thanks for your time. Fiona

  12. Grace Lynch (verified owner)

    Love it! First conditioner bar I’ve tried that actually works. I would happily pay more for a bigger version! (Or maybe next time I’ll buy two) Highly recommend

    • Green Outlook

      Hi Grace! Thanks a million! Glad to hear it. Fiona

  13. helencoriordan94 (verified owner)

    This was the first conditioner bar I have ever used and it was amazing. I only wish they sold it in a larger size. It smells lovely though and I would definitely buy it again 😊

    • Green Outlook

      Hi Helen, Thanks so much for your message! It is coming in a bigger size shortly. Fiona 😀

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