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Vegan dental floss from TIO is completely plant-based and plastic free.

The thread is made from castor oil. The TIOFLOSS is vegan and packed in a practical cardboard dispenser. The dental floss is waxed with vegetable waxes and organic coconut oil and tastes of fresh mint. The mint used is of natural origin.

  • Waxed 50 m
  • Resource-saving materials based on plants
  • With natural mint
  • With organic coconut oil


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Vegan dental Floss, The packaging can simply be put into the paper recycling bin, where it is recycled.

Combine with a bamboo toothbrush for a plastic free oral care routine.

About Tio

TIO are a small Berlin-based team designing and making plant-based dental products with the aim to make the world a little bit better.

TIO want to prove that pollution can be avoided. Because the sustainable redesign of an everyday object, such as a toothbrush, which billions of people use every day, can have a huge, positive impact on our environment. They use plant-based bioplastics for all their products. These renewable raw materials enable Tio to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid the fatal consequences of fossil fuel extraction, such as fracking or tanker accidents.

Where is the Tiofloss made?

The yarn is produced in a textile factory in Southern Europe. The cardboard dispenser is manufactured in Germany. The product is packed in Germany.

How do I use the Tiofloss?

Brushing the narrow spaces between the teeth is not enough to clean them sufficiently. Take about 50 cm of floss, wrap the ends around your fingers, apply the floss as described and use a fresh section for each interdental space.

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Floss with dispenser, Refill Floss


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