Q&A: Electric Vehicles with Derek Reilly

Derek Reilly has been passionate about electric vehicles for a number of years and in 2020 he launched EV Review Ireland on YouTube. It has already become Ireland’s leading EV YouTube channel. We’ve asked Derek a few questions to help you learn more about electric vehicles.

Derek, you’re known as Mr EV. What sparked your interest in electric vehicles?

I’ve always been interested in cars and technology. Electric vehicles is the perfect partnership of both. I’m also concerned about climate change and how electric mobility can help us move around.

Is the Irish EV charging infrastructure set up for both rural and urban dwellers?

It’s getting there. Both have pros and cons with rural dwellers having space to park and charge where urban dwellers would have more chargers around.


Will I save money with an electric vehicle?

Usually yes. There’s an initial higher price at purchase but we need to look at the TCO (total cost of ownership) and that includes fuel and maintenance costs. 

Is it more environmentally friendly to keep an old car on the road or upgrade to a new electric vehicle?

Unfortunately not. Yes the carbon footprint of the initial manufacturing is done with an old car but it continues to pollute. A new car is made cleaner and has zero emissions from the tailpipe.

We’ve heard about issues with the ethics of mining for the metals for EV batteries. What can you tell us about this?

All major manufacturers are ethically sourcing their raw materials now and watching their supply chain. The rare earth minerals used for fossil fuel refining is often overlooked. 

Do you have to be a very organised person who plans ahead to own an EV and not run out of power? 

I think if you’re a driver in general you should be organised but yes, some planning is required and understanding where you’ll charge is part of that.

Where can we learn more about the right EV for us? 

I run a YouTube channel where I review a types of electric vehicles and create content relating to making the switch to owning one. Just search for “EV Review Ireland”.

Thanks so much to Derek for his time. 
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