Save Money and the Environment with a refurbished iPhone by Swappie

This blog post is created by Fiona in collaboration with Swappie.

Technology is part of our lives. It is guaranteed in most of our day to day but how can we do tech and particularly phones more sustainably? I recently bought a refurbished iPhone through Swappie and I want to tell you about my experience.

I use my phone to work but also to stay in contact with friends and family. I’d hate to divulge my screen time to you, particularly this year. It gets used a lot from social media, to listening to music and browsing the internet. And so, this will be my fourth iPhone but what’s unique about this phone is that it’s my first refurbished iPhone. Yes, that’s right, a secondhand iPhone.

It was cheaper and more sustainable than buying a new phone, a double win! Plus, it’s in perfect condition. I was delighted to be able to upgrade my iPhone sustainably.

Fiona Smiddy of Green Outlook with her refurbished iPhone from Swappie

Why buy a secondhand iPhone?

We know the phrase reduce, reuse, recycle but are we implementing it in all parts of our lives? In 2019 I bought no ‘new’ clothes, instead, opting for preloved clothes from secondhand shops and charity shops. It was a challenge, but I was inspired from learning of the damage of the fast fashion industry. What if we can take the learnings of avoiding fast fashion and our newfound love for secondhand clothes and choose to #reuse in other parts of our lives.

The initial raw materials when making anything along with the production process carry a large environmental impact (85% of the carbon emissions of an iPhone come from their initial production1). When we give an item a second life it extends the useful life of the product, thus reducing its total carbon footprint.

Eventually we will move to a circular economy in many other parts of our lives where items are continuously recycled and reused. It’s brilliant to be able to implement elements of the circular economy in our lives right now through companies like Swappie.

What does Swappie offer?

A secure online platform for purchasing refurbished iPhones. Plus, the option to sell your old iPhone for a fair price based on the phones condition.

Green Outlook promotes sustainable technology and sustainable living.

Swappie provide a range of iPhones in various external conditions from Like New to Worn. Internally all the phones have been refurbished to a high standard. The batteries work excellently and to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind Swappie provide a 1-year warranty as standard when buying all phones and 14 days right to return. They have a complete range of iPhones to choose, from the iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone SE 2020.

My ‘new’ to me iPhone:

I ordered my Like New iPhone 11 Pro on a Wednesday and it arrived at my door Monday. It was well packaged in a bubble wrap padded envelope which I can easily reuse. It came in a Swappie iPhone box containing a brand new charging cable. I found the Swappie website easy to navigate and they had a good range of models, storage capacity and colours.

I chose the iPhone 11 Pro for the camera and the Like New condition which meant the phone would have no scratches.

I’ve been using the phone with over three weeks now and it’s literally perfect. It holds the charge so well and honestly; I could not tell that it was second hand.

Fiona Smiddy of Green Outlook photographs her plastic free product range with her iPhone 11 Pro from Swappie

Selling my old iPhone

My ‘old’ phone was in really good condition and I purely upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro for the camera which I use to take pictures for Green Outlook. I decided to sell my ‘old’ iPhone through Swappie.

Once I had my new iPhone to hand, I quickly set it up, transferring the data from my old phone to my new phone through some Apple magic. (Tip: Always take note of your passwords when upgrading your phone).

Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro from Swappie

Then I went online to Swappie and sold my iPhone XR. It was a seamless process whereby I filled in some details about my phones model, storage size and condition. I could see the potential price I would be paid for my phone and accepted this to continue the transaction. Swappie use DHL so I selected my phone for collection the next day.

Once Swappie received my phone they communicated with me via email updating me that my phone was being inspected and they would confirm the value in 1-4 days and the payment would then be processed in 1-2 business days. A few days later the money was in my account. Happy Days I didn’t have to leave my home to upgrade my phone, which was very convenient with all that’s going on.

If you’re interested in a new phone or looking to buy an iPhone as a gift, why not consider buying a refurbished iPhone. The quality will be like new and you’ll save yourself and the planet some money and energy. Use the Discount Code greenoutlook for €10 off at Swappie

Buy second hand iPhones at Swappie

Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro by Swappie

What You Need to Know

  • The Swappie Website is easy to use and navigate. You can quickly check the value of selling your iPhone and price a newer iPhone model.
  • Swappie provide a 12-month warranty and 14-day right to return as standard.
  • The shipping was very fast and easily tracked with DHL (€7.50).
  • There are optional extras as you reach the checkout including: Purchasing a screen protector, ear pods, case or an additional 3 Year Warranty.
Fiona, Founder of Green Outlook snaps some Green Outlook products with her refurbished iPhone 11 Pro from Swappie

More about Swappie

Swappie is an independent Finnish startup that was founded when one of the CEOs was scammed when trying to buy a secondhand phone. They provide customers with a safe and secure platform to buy used iPhones online without the risk of getting scammed. All phones that come to Swappie are processed entirely in-house. This means they are responsible for their own standards, which are kept very high. Each phone goes through a 52-step checking process and is then refurbished as necessary by their specialists.

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