Staying Mentally Fit during Covid-19

With the constant stream of news, the cancellation of sports and gym classes and the general change in routine and unknown our minds can get a little out of sorts. This is exacerbated for some with potential money, family or work issues arising out of Covid-19.
Here’s what I’ll be doing to stay mentally fit over the next few weeks:

  • Keeping up an exercise routine. Exercise is number 1 for me in staying happy and healthy. At least every second day I’ll be making an effort to get in some moderate to high tempo exercise like a run, fast walk or workout.
  • Eating right – I’ll still be working but those around me will all be off as they are teachers. This will probably mean copious amounts of tea breaks. I’ll be sticking to my normal food which includes a healthy balance of all foods. I won’t be taking the biscuit, ok well maybe just one.
  • Talk it out – Stress is bad for our health so the less time spent worrying about the unknown the better. I’ll be taking each day as it comes and talking to those around me about any worries. I’ll be using my network of small business friends for advice on how best to come through this period of unknown as a small business.
  • Take time away from my phone– This is so important! I’ll be putting my phone down and getting on with things. You could waste a lot of time following all the news stories without getting anywhere fast.

Take Care