Sustainability and being mindful with money

Sustainability and being mindful with money go hand in hand. By being conscious of your purchases and cutting out the cr*p you’ll live a healthier more meaningful life.

1. Fast Fashion has very little upside

Ditch fast fashion, it may be cheap but chances are you’re spending a small fortune on poorly made clothes that don’t last the test of time. Worse still the people making those clothes are being rightly ripped off! As well as the waste generated and the chemicals and water used! Yikes!!

2. Eating more plants can save the planet

Eat less meat, it will cut up to €15 off your food shopping bill a week and cut your carbon footprint significantly!

3. Choose to Reuse

Buy and use a reusable: Bottle, Cup, Razor, Mask, Menstrual Cup. That upfront cost will pay itself back pretty fast, plus you’ll be saving on loads of disposables.

4. Need vs Want

Do you need it? I mean like really do you NEED it?! Step back from the impulse purchases & watch out for those sneaky marketing tricks. Last Chance, Buy Now – no thank you! Take a few days or even a month to decide over a purchase.

5. Second Hand Hun

Second hand is Amazing – Charity shops, Vintage shops, Depop, FB Marketplace, Adverts, DoneDeal. They are brimming with perfectly good clothes, furniture, electronics. You’re extending the life of an item and saving some cash.

6. Local Local Local

Shop local, you’re investing in your local economy and making money available for local services and amenities.

7. Audit your expenses

Go to your online banking, extract your statement for 5 months and analyse it, you might be surprised.

8. Bye Clutter

Less ‘stuff’, less clutter, less tidying = more money and time!

9. Make Memories

Set up a savings account and plan for that big event, experience or even a rainy day. You’ll value it a lot more by investing in you, your family, friends and making wonderful memories.