Sustainable Grocery Shopping

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Grocery shopping, we all do it every week, yet it can be super wasteful if we’re not prepared. From food waste to excess packaging it can be a minefield. Now we’re not going to get it perfect with regards packaging, as supermarkets are just not set out to help us right now, but a little preparation goes a long way.

1. Put your reusable shopping bags in the car or in your gearbag.
2. Carry some extra cotton produce bags to grab all the loose fruit, veg and nuts. 
3. Check your fridge and cupboards before you shop.
4. Plan your week, particularly important if you plan to eat out or you’re going away for the weekend.
5. Make a list.
6. Shop seasonably and Irish.
7. Shop locally, support your local butcher, baker and fruit and veg shop and bring your own reusable containers.
8. Visit your local farmers market. 
9. Buy dried goods in bulk to save on packaging.
10. Look up your nearest zero waste refill shop, particularly in Dublin but there are some shops dotted across Ireland including Pax in Westport and Twig in Clonakilty.
11. Leave any excess plastic wrapping at the till. Yes you can totally do this!
12. Do your best but don’t stress.