Sustainable Living Tips

Sustainable Living Tips

As part of the weekly Green Outlook newsletter I share a tip to support and encourage people to reduce their environmental impact and embrace sustainable living.

It can be overwhelming when you start to reconsider your personal environmental impact if it’s something you haven’t considered previously. Here’s some ideas or areas to get you started on your journey to a sustainable lifestyle. I hope these sustainable living tips will inspire you to make one change for the better.

Sustainable Living Tips at Green Outlook.
Sustainable Living Tip of the week – You have a platform for change

In the age of social media it might seem like you need to speak to the masses to make changes but you don’t! You can do meaningful work and make changes at home, within your extended family, within your office, within your neighbourhood and community. Your choice to make changes for a better world will inspire others. Change starts at the grass roots.

Sustainability Tip of the week – Don’t dump it, re-home it!

Have you completed a clear out over the Summer and now you’re left with a whole pile of stuff you don’t need or want. Before rushing off to the dump or getting a skip, why not join a Freecycle page on Facebook and put the items up for someone who may love to re-home your item. I’ve seen hangers, envelopes and everything in between be snatched up on these pages. One persons trash is another persons treasure and all that. Alternatively DoneDeal, Adverts and Facebook Market Place are excellent ways to source or sell second hand items of all types.

Sustainability Tip of the week – Support companies with the same values as you

In 2019 I had to set up a new pension. I found a pension product that supported companies that aligned with my values and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The next time you go to set up or review your pension or investments check what type of companies are behind the funds you invest in. Ask your financial advisor to provide advice on ethical and sustainable investment products.

Hidden Plastics- Here are some plastics you may not have considered previously! Keep an eye out for them and try avoid them where possible or be sure to dispose of them correctly!

– Glitter
– Chewing Gum
– Cigarette and Cigar Filters
– Tea Bags (Many tea bags are sealed using a plastics based glue)
– Disposable Wipes
– Envelope seals and windows
– Stickers (Glue based seals)

Recycling is not the solution to our plastic problem
Sustainability Tip of the week – Prevent Food Waste by Labelling and Dating Leftovers

An easy way to prevent food waste is to properly store leftovers in the fridge or freezer. Even better when we label and date these leftovers so there’s no confusion about how long something has been in the fridge. Before you go to whip up your next meal or hit the road to the supermarket just scan your eye over your labelled leftovers to save yourself time, money and prevent food waste.

Sustainable Living Tip of the week – Conserve water in the Shower

Remember the summer drought of 2018 when we had to conserve water. This is something we should be trying to do year round. When you’re in the shower, you can turn the water off while you’re washing your hair or shaving your legs etc. to save on water consumption. Every little bit helps and this is something that can be done a little easier during the warmer summer months.

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